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[CPA Exam FAQ] Scheduling the Examination

By October 30, 2014AICPA 시험정보

What if a conflict arises after I have scheduled an appointment to take the examination?

You may cancel or reschedule your appointment by contacting Prometric. There is no fee for canceling or rescheduling an appointment at least 30 days in advance. If you cancel or reschedule between five and 30 days before your appointment, you must pay a fee directly toPrometric. If you reschedule within five days of your appointment, you will be required to pay the full Prometric testing fee for the section you are rescheduling. See the Candidate Bulletin for additional information regarding these fees. You cannot make any changes to your appointment less than 24 hours in advance. You will have to contact the Board/agency to which you originally applied to register again.

May I take the examination outside of my jurisdiction?

Yes. You may schedule your examination at any Prometric site in any of the 54 jurisdictions. You do not have to sit in the same state where you applied.

In March 2011, in conjunction with the AICPA and Prometric, NASBA announced the opportunity for international administration of the Uniform CPA Examination. Please see the Test Internationally section of this website for more information.

Are there any restrictions on taking the examination outside of my jurisdiction?

There are no restrictions on taking the examination outside of your jurisdiction. However, a person may not be a candidate for more than one jurisdiction at the same time, and will not be able to bypass a jurisdiction’s educational or licensing requirements by taking the examination outside of the jurisdiction in which he or she is seeking to become licensed.

Please see the Test Internationally section of this website for more information on taking the CPA examination in international locations.

What is the cost of taking the examination outside my jurisdiction?

There is an additional surcharge for candidates testing at the Guam Test Center. Refer to the Candidate Bulletin or Guam Surcharge section of any jurisdiction’s page for additional information.

There are no additional fees for testing at any other test center outside your jurisdiction within the U.S. and its territories. For information about additional fees for testing in an international location, please refer to the Test Internationally section of this website.

How do I arrange to sit for the examination?

After you receive your NTS, you need to contact Prometric through their website and arrange for a seat at the examination site of your choice. You should schedule as far in advance as possible, and must schedule at least five days in advance. To increase the likelihood that you will receive your first choice for site location and time, you should schedule your examination 45 days in advance. Your NTS is valid for a specific amount of time, which varies by state. If you do not sit by the expiration date on the NTS, that NTS becomes invalid and cannot be used. Each NTS covers more than one testing window and includes dates that are not open for testing. Plan your examination schedule carefully. We strongly recommend that you read the Candidate Bulletin and take the candidate tutorials on the AICPA’s website.

What if I have an emergency and cannot attend my examination appointment?

If the emergency occurs more than 24 hours prior to your examination appointment, contact Prometric to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you have a hardship or medical situation that prevents you from sitting, please contact NASBA immediately and request an extension. Extensions are determined on a case-by-case basis and require documentation.

I received my Notice To Schedule, but my information is incorrect or has changed. What do I do?

Contact the office/agency to which you submitted your application. You must have a corrected NTS to be admitted to the examination. No changes can be made to your NTS less than five days prior to your appointment.

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