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CPA Exam Mistake #2: Not Doing Enough MCQ and Simulations

By September 24, 2014AICPA 시험정보

Many candidates will disagree over which study method works best, whether it be video, recopying notes, in-person classes, reading, or audio lectures.  But nearly all successful candidates agree the “secret” to their success was that they did multiple choice questions and simulations over and over and over again.

You will never hear someone who failed the exam say that he did too many practice questions.

There are 2 types of studying – passive and active.  Passive studying is having the materials presented to you.  Video and audio are passive studying.  Taking notes and doing MCQ and sims are active studying.  Reviewing flashcards can be active studying if you are trying to figure out what is on the back side of the flash card before you flip it over.  You need to be sure you are doing more active studying than passive studying.

Doing hundreds (or in many cases, thousands) of practice questions gets you used to how they ask the questions, it gets you comfortable with the exam format, and it reinforces the material.  All the reading, writing, and listening in the world will not help you on the exam if you cannot apply what you have learned to the question formats that are on the exam.

Many people watch study videos over and over and count that toward their study time.  They feel entitled to pass the exam because they spent the amount of recommended time “studying.”   The estimate of hours needed for study presumes 2-3 hours of working questions for every hour of video or class time.

Work every question at least once.  Working them twice is better.

When your eyes start to bleed from reading too many multiple choice questions, you’ll know you’re doing enough…

Are you doing enough practice questions to pass?


Posted by Rob @ Pederson CPA Review on September 22, 2013 at 2:00pm

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