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The AICPA just announced today that as a result of extending the first 10 days of each blackout month this year for testing beginning April 1, the score release timetables for Q1 and Q2 of 2016 have been revised to accommodate these changes.

Because the testing window extension will not take place until April 1, 2016, the Q1 score release timetable will remain the same:


Where the score release timetable will of course be more affected is in Q2 of this year. Here’s what the timetable looked like before the 10-day testing extension:


Here’s what the new Q2 score release timetable:

As you can see, they added another score release date to accommodate the 10-day extension. So if you plan on scheduling a section of your CPA Exam during that window, make sure you’re also up-to-date on when you can expect to receive your score(s)!


Source: Revised: CPA Exam Q1/Q2 2016 Score Release Timetables

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