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Top 10 CPA Exam Process Errors: CPA Exam Success Guide

By July 22, 2014AICPA 시험정보

“With over 15 years experience working at NASBA, 10 of which spent in Candidate Care, I’ve helped thousands of Exam candidates work through every kind of mistake and error while navigating the CPA Exam process, and if I’ve learned one thing during my time in Candidate Care, it’s that many of the errors and mistakes candidates make can be totally avoided.

The following is a list of the top 10 errors I see candidates make throughout the CPA Exam process, and what can be done to sidestep them.” (via Penny Vernon, NASBA Candidate Care Manager)

  1. Exiting Out of the Exam Prematurely
  2. Rescheduling Appointments
  3. Timing Out in the Introductory Screens
  4. Notifying NASBA
  5. Taking the Wrong NTS to the Testing Center
  6. Arriving Late
  7. Going to the Wrong Testing Center
  8. Waiting to Schedule an Appointment
  9. Forgetting to take the NTS to the Testing Center
  10. Reporting Issues at the Testing Center


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