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Your Interview Checklist: What to Remember Before, During, and After

You already know the fundamental things you need to do to prep for an interview(dress appropriately, bring a copy of your resume, show up 10 minutes early). But the day before interview time, all of your careful planning can easily fall apart as anxiety sets in.

Thats why we’ve gathered the seven best links to help you remember exactly what to do the day before, the day of, and the day after your next big interview. Think of it as your checklist—we’ve remembered so you don’t have to.

Stress less, perform better. You’ve got this!

  1. Check off all of these must-dos one day before to avoid anxiety. (US News)
  2. Absolutely do these eight obvious things before heading into any interview—they may seem intuitive, but they’ll slip from your mind way easier than you think. (Forbes)
  3. For optimal performance, make sure to follow these five steps 30 minutes before walking through the door. (Glassdoor)
  4. Implement these seven research-backed tips during the conversation. They’ll really make you stand out. (TIME)
  5. Don’t let the response to this surprise question slip past you during the interview. (Harvard Business Review)
  6. After the interview, complete this must-do task to put your best foot forward.(Lifehacker)
  7. Calm down and read the 10 most likely reasons why you haven’t heard back yet (it’s not as bad as you think). (Huffington Post)


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